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Reclaimed Pine Boards
Oak Beams

Oak Beams give a spacious and warming appearance to any interior. The oak will naturally change its appearance over time and the natural splits and knots enhance the rustic appearance.

We hold a large stock of New Oak Beams, ranging from 4” x 4” (100mm x 100mm) up to 12 x 12 (300mm x 300mm) in width, and 6 metres in length. We can order oak up to 10 metres in length. These beams are suitable for structural use as well as just being decorative.

Devon Oak Beams Large Sizes Available Now
Devon Curved Oak Beams 6 Metre Lengths In stock
Curved Oak Beams Devon 10 Metre Length Available to Order
Devon Oak Curved Beams Specialist Sizes Available
  Timbe Oak Beams Devon

We have used our Oak Beams in our showroom to show you how after a bit of sanding to ‘distress’ the oak and then by putting on some linseed oil, this new oak can be made to look old. We are able to do this for you if you wish.

We also have Reclaimed Oak Beams, again, in various sizes & lengths. Reclaimed Oak is popular because it is dry and stable and therefore less prone to any movement, the tone of the oak has matured to a rich highly desirable colour and they have real character with knots, twists and evidence of their previous lives.

Reclaimed Oak Beams
We have various sizes of lovely old beams, 100mm x 100mm up to 250mm x 250mm with lengths up to 5.5 metres in length. They are hundreds of years old so will not shrink! Because of this, they make lovely fireplace lintels and beams for old properties. These are all stored under cover.

You can take them as they are or we can ‘prepare’ them for you, so they are ready for you to put straight in.

Timber Oak Beams Devon

Timber Oak Beams Devon

Reclaimed Oak Joists

These make lovely table tops or mantelpieces.

Various sizes, up to 3 metres long.


Oak Beams Devon


Reclaimed Pine Boards

These boards were old weather boarding, which came from Europe. They have been used to clad buildings and are approx. 80+ years old.

When sanded and waxed they have a lovely aged Look to them. They come in lengths from 2.5 - 4 metres in widths 6” – 15” wide and approx. 1” thick.


Timber Oak Beams Devon

Natural Curved Oak Beams

These lovely curved beams are carved and sanded to look old. Leave natural, or you can enhance this beautiful wood by waxing or oiling. These prepared natural curved oak beams are ideal for use as Fireplace, Door or Window Lintels, and even as a corner seat.
Oak Devon timber   Timber Devon Oak

Oak Boards

We stock wide Oak Boards in various widths and measure 2 metres in length. In a thickness of 18mm, 30mm and 35mm, they are ideal for using in skirting, to make doors, sills, shelves or seating. Oak Boarding, ideal for making doors and interior sills.

Timber Devon Cornwall Oak
Timber Devon
Engineered Wood Flooring
Engineered wood flooring is a modern flooring that imitates traditional hardwood floorboards. It looks exactly the same but has many advantages over the traditional wood. Due to the structure of the engineered boards, the timber does not move as much as real wood, because of this it is perfect for use on underfloor heating and in kitchens or bathrooms with light moisture. It is also a lot simpler to lay. Our engineered oak flooring is made from a top layer of 6mm real oak, which can be sanded up to 5 times. It comes in various different finishes to suit your individual tastes or to compliment your decorating schemes. We have samples in our showroom for you to look at.


Sleepers are used for various features in the garden, such as steps, edging & raised beds. Our sleepers are green oak sleepers, being a hard wood they will last for years in your garden compared to soft wood sleepers.


2 metres x 200mm x 100mm
2.4 metres x 200mm x 100mm
2.6 metres x 22aa0mm x 130mm

Cornwall Oak
Cornwall Oak
Cornwall Oak
Feather edge Larch Boarding

Ideal for cladding outdoor buildings.


  Cornwall Oak
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