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Slate Flooring

Brazilian Slate is ideal for flooring, it is immensely practical in kitchens, hallways and other areas of high foot traffic. It is great for use with underfloor heating as the tiles are only 10-12mm thick, and with the slate being  generally dark in colour it holds the heat well. Brazilian Slate is extremely hard wearing and will last a lifetime, and once sealed will only require occasional cleaning or mopping with a light detergent. No two tiles are the same, so be prepared for quite a bit of variation. This really is however, part of the charm and why it is so popular.

We stock 7 different sizes of Brazilian slate tiles giving you a greater choice to create the design and look you want. Smaller sizes are quite often used in smaller rooms, whereas a mixture of the larger sizes can recreate the look of the traditional random look slate flooring. You may want to use all one size or go for a mixture of up to 5 different sizes, using the larger tiles in prominent places to 'show them off'. We can supply you with laying patterns to make choosing the size of your tiles easier, or, if you prefer to have the tiles laid randomly we can supply you with a selection of sizes and you lay them as you see fit at the time! Whilst laying the tiles you are welcome to swap tiles around and at the end of the project return any unused tiles for a refund.

Brazilian Tiles
Riven – from £20 + VAT per square metre

Calibrated to thickness of 10mm +/- 1mm

300mm x 300mm,   600mm x 300mm,   600mm x 600mm,  900mm x 600mm,  900mm x 900mm,  1200mm x 600mm,  1200mm x 900mm

Honed Brazilian Slate is available to order.

  Indian Tiles

Our Indian Black Slate is 20mm thick +/- 2mm. We have 4 sizes, 900x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x295mm & 295x295mm.
We also stock Sandstone Flooring which is ideal for Kitchens and Hallways, click here for details.

 Slate Sills

Sizes Available:
Brazilian - Riven Finish :
All Slate can be cut to your bespoke measurements.

1200mm x 200mm x 25mm
1200mm x 300mm x 25mm
1200mm x 450mm x 25mm
1500mm x 200mm x 25mm
1500mm x 300mm x 25mm
1500mm x 450mm x 25mm

1800mm x 300mm x 30mm
1800mm x 300mm x 40mm
  1800mm x 200mm x 25mm
1800mm x 300mm x 25mm
1800mm x 450mm x 25mm
2200mm x 200mm x 25mm
2200mm x 300mm x 25mm
2200mm x 450mm x 25mm
 Reclaimed Slate Flooring
Most of the old reclaimed slate in this area is from the Delabole quarry in Cornwall, however, there were other slate quarries around producing slate, but we find it is usually slightly different in colour. The sizes of these slabs can vary enormously, up to the largest we have had at 8ft x 4ft. The thickness also varies from 1 inch to 3 inches. If you are renovating an old property this is the slate to use.

Delabole Slate Flagstones are subject to availability.

Slate Slabs
Ideal for Hearths, Steps & Seats

Sizes Available:

Brazilian - Riven Finish :

All Slate can be cut to your bespoke measurements.


25mm thickness:

600mm x 300mm x 25mm   1500mm x 650mm x 25mm

600mm x 600mm x 25mm

  1500mm x 900mm x 25mm
900mm x 600mm x 25mm   1500mm x 1500mm x 25mm
900mm x 900mm x 25mm   1800mm x 650mm x 25mm
1000mm x 1000mm x 25mm   1800mm x 900mm x 25mm
1200mm x 650mm x 25mm   2000mm x 650mm x 25mm
1200mm x 900mm x 25mm   2000mm x 900mm x 25mm
1200mm x 1200mm x 25mm   2250mm x 1300mm x 25mm
30mm thickness:   40mm thickness:
2250mm x 1300mm x 30mm   2250mm x 1300mm x 40mm
Brazilian Slate Worktops & Sink Surrounds
Please view our Slate Gallery for more photos of Slate Worktops & Sink Surrounds we have hand-crafted. Slate creates a beautiful, tactile & durable surface. Being a natural product, the subtle attractive colour variations gives character and style which is completely unique.

We hand-craft every piece individually to your bespoke measurements & requirements. We can recommend a specialist who can template and fit the slate or you can have someone you know and trust to do the job, whichever you prefer.

Come and see our Slate Worktop on display in our showroom, we would also be on hand to discuss and advise you on your project
Slate Flooring Devon Slate Flooring Devon Slate Flooring Devon
Slate Roof Tiles
Reclaimed Roof Slates are subject to availability, we sell Rag Slate and sized Slate, but contact us for up to date details.
Slate Tables, Benches and Stools
Fed up with packing away your wooden patio furniture every autumn and then when you bring it out in the Spring having to stain it? Then why not buy Slate. It can be kept out all year round, will not require staining and will not blow away in the wind! We have several sizes of table to choose from, and you can have either slate or metal legs. Contact us for details.
Slate Floor Devon Slate Floor Devon
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