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Reclaimed Oak Cornwall
Garden features & oak barrels
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Granite Garden Features
Oak Barrels
Granite & Slate Tables
Granite Spheres
Garden Urns, Tubs, Bird Baths & Statues
Sandstone Spheres
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Granite Paving Devon
Granite Garden Features

Granite Troughs, Mushrooms & Mill Stones, all had an important role to play back in days gone bye. Now they are extremely popular as Garden Features. These items can be many hundreds of years old and no two pieces are the same. They are subject to availability and the size and quality of the item determines the price. Please contact us for details on current stock. For lots more photos view our gallery >

Garden Feature Devon
Garden Feature Devon
Garden Feature Devon
Garden Feature Devon
Large quantity of reclaimed and
new granite troughs in various shapes and sizes in stock at the moment.
Here are a selection of our Products
Slate Devon Granite
Devon Granite Paving
granite Cornwall Slate
Devon Granite Tiles
Cornwall Granite Paving
Slate Cornwall Granite
granite Devon Slate
Cornwall Slate Paving Slate Paving Cornwall
Oak Barrels
We can supply you with barrels that are whole or cut in half. Ideal for use as garden planters or water butts, Oak Barrels can be used for a variety of applications such as storing homemade cider. Contact Markstone Granite today or visit our showroom to find out more about our selection of Oak barrels
Cornwall Slate Granite
Slate Granite Cornwall
Slate Granite Devon Devon Slate Granite

Garden Urns, Tubs, Birth Baths & Statues

We have a nice selection of garden pots and birdbaths in various shapes and sizes! We have some very large pots up to 80cm high and 90cm diameter! These rustic pots are fired at extremely high temperatures which make them virtually non porous and therefore frostproof. We also have some Tuscan pots which are terracotta that have had applied a permanent wash finish, giving them a lighter more southern Mediterranean appearance. These are frost resistant.

We also stock a large selection of the ‘Willowstone’ cast stone garden products, this includes urns, tubs, bird baths, benches & statues.

Devon Slate Granite
Devon Slate Granite
Granite Spheres
These spheres come in 2 colours, silver or brown. Sizes are 100cm, 60cm, 40cm, 30cm & 20cm diameter. They make lovely features in the garden as they are or drill a hole in them for a water feature.
Devon Slate Granite Devon Slate Granite

Sandstone Spheres

We stock these beautiful Teakwood Spheres in 40cm, 30cm & 20cm diameters. The natural variation in tones and veining means that each piece is absolutely unique.

They make a lovely focal point in your garden
or as a water feature

Devon Slate Granite  

Granite & Slate Tables, Benches & Stools

Fed up with packing away your wooden patio furniture every autumn and then when you bring it out in the spring having to stain it? Then why not buy a granite or slate table. It can be kept out all year round, will not require staining and will not blow away in the wind! Please contact us for up to date prices and sizes.

Devon Slate Granite Devon Slate Granite Devon Slate Granite Devon Slate Granite
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Our friendly and professional team are on hand to provide you with helpful knowledge and advice on the high quality products that we stock.
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